Welcome to DC Wellness Tree

Welcome to Our Family Tree.

Welcome to Our Family Tree.

We are so happy to have your presence and support and hope that you find your niche within this community.    It is our intent to create a more well connected, thriving wellness arena for DC.   And it is our belief that in supporting each others passions and true offerings, we are supporting the life(force) that wants to be birthed through us and restoring harmony on the planet.  One individual transformation at a time.  So, please allow yourself to do & be what comes most naturally to you here and you will be offering the most valuable gift in the world, your True Expression.

With Love,


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  • What a beautiful space you're creating, thank you!
  • beautiful words you just wrote up there :) thank you for sharing the Love, cant wait to start creating, participating and sharing with you all :b ♥
  • Exciting. Thank you for creating and holding this space. <3 in much love and gratitude.
  • Aww thank you for being here sisters, its so encouraging to feel your love!! <3
  • Congratulations ! This is wonderful. Thank you so much <3
  • Yay!!!! Looks great and what an awesome idea!
  • Yaaay!
  • Wonderful
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